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FMC connectors for ZedBoard


Q: what FMC connector mates the ZedBoard one?

Trenz Electronic part number 23545 mates the FMC connector available on the ZedBoard.

The FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) standard (as defined in VITA 57) specifically targets FPGAs, increasing I/O flexibility and lowering costs in a broad range of applications (source: Xilinx white paper).
To learn more about the FMC standard, ecosystem offerings, and roadmaps, see the VITA website.
To learn more about FMC plans and products from Xilinx, see the Xilinx website.
All male FMC connectors can mate with any of the female FMC connectors (source: Frequently Asked Questions About FMC).
Low Pin Count (LPC) connectors best mate Low Pin Count (LPC) connectors. High Pin Count (HPC) connectors best mate High Pin Count (HPC) connectors. Mating a HPC connector to a LPC connector, or vice versa, will function, however, some of the pins will be floating (= NC = "no-connects"). Source: Frequently Asked Questions About FMC.
Several manufacturers supply FMC connectors; for instance, Samtec and Molex have suitable connectors.

ZedBoard features an "FMC (Low Pin Count)" connector (source: ZedBoard Technical Specifications).
In its bill of matierial, part number Samtec ASP-134603-01 is listed. It is a female (receptacle) LPC FMC connector. This mates any male (plug) LPC FMC connector. We therefore recommend Trenz Electronic part number 23545 = Samtec ASP-134604-01.

VITA p/ngenderpin countSamtec p/nMolex p/nTrenz Electronic p/n------CC-LPC-10female (receptacle)low (LPC)ASP-134603-0145971-430524996MC-LPC-10male (plug)low (LPC)ASP-134604-0145970-430523545------CC-HPC-10female (receptacle)high (HPC)ASP-134486-0145971-431524851MC-HPC-10male (plug)high (HPC)ASP-134488-0145970-431524998


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