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TE0720 Reference Design fails: hsi won't run

Started by monkeysewt, July 10, 2017, 05:46:25 PM

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Trying to run the reference design scripts for TE0720, but "hsi" is not recognized for some reason.  Thanks for any assistance.  Here are the details:

OS: Windows64
Ref Design:
My Vivado version: 2016.4
design_basic_settings: @set | @set SWAPP=hello_world
Successfully created the project from cmd scripts.
Successfully ran TCL script TE::hw_build_design
Failed trying to run TE::sw_run_hsi
("hsi" seems to be recognized in my Vivado Tcl Console)
Full Tcl console output:

Start HSI.
INFO: [TE_UTIL-29] D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/prebuilt/hardware/te0720_1cf/test_board.bit was replaced with D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/vivado/test_board.runs/impl_1/zsys_wrapper.bit
INFO: [TE_UTIL-31] D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/prebuilt/hardware/te0720_1cf/test_board.lpr was replaced with D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/vivado/test_board.hw/test_board.lpr
INFO: [TE_UTIL-34] D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/vivado/test_board.runs/impl_1/debug_nets.ltx was not found.
INFO: [TE_UTIL-35] D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/prebuilt/hardware/te0720_1cf/test_board.hdf was replaced with D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/vivado/test_board.runs/impl_1/zsys_wrapper.sysdef
WARNING: [TE_UTIL-42] D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/vivado/test_board.runs/impl_1/zsys_wrapper.mmi was not found.
WARNING: [TE_UTIL-47] D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/vivado/test_board.runs/impl_1/zsys_wrapper.mcs was not found.
Create reports in D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/prebuilt/hardware/te0720_1cf/reports
INFO: [TE_UTIL-57] Add HW report to: D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/prebuilt/hardware/hardware_summary.csv
WARNING: [TE_SW-4] Xilinx Device Tree git clone path not found (B:/xilinx_git/device-tree-xlnx).
INFO: [TE_SW-5] Start HSI:
  Run "exec hsi -source D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/scripts/script_hsi.tcl -tclargs {--sw_list {{0 zynq_fsbl FSBL standalone NA NA NA NA} {2 hello_te0720 0 standalone NA NA NA NA} {3 u-boot 1 petalinux NA NA NA NA}} --lib D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/sw_lib --vivrun}" in D:/projects/TY/Xilinx/Trenz/test_board/workspace/hsi
  Please Wait..
ERROR: [TE_SW-49] Script (TE::EXT::run_hsi) failed: couldn't execute "hsi": no such file or directory.
ERROR: (TE_SW-49) Script (TE::EXT::run_hsi) failed: couldn't execute "hsi": no such file or directory.



i think you also write to the trenz support? It's enough to write to support or forum. Both together is not necessary.
I think you installed only Vivado without SDK. HSI is a part of SDK. So you must install both.