Author Topic: Tales of Techno: Simple story and howto guides for the ZYNQ and not only  (Read 2951 times)

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Hi All,

we are working really hard to provide best support for our products, but sometimes we maybe try to hard and are a bit in backlog because of this. This is not that we do not want to help or provide support, just sometimes the quick and full answers are not possible immediately.

Support roadmap:

As soon as Vivado Custom Board support goes official, we will provide board support files for our products. We have them made for most of our 7 series products, but we are not sure if we make them generally available before Xilinx is ready. Because at this time the Custom Board support is changing in every Vivado release. We are working close with Xilinx on this.

Software BSP, Custom Device tree, etc: here we are also bit back from where we would like to be, but there is heavy WIP on that. As many functions can be handled by standard class drivers in Linux, we want to add that support in complete package. As example would be FMC_VADJ control using GPIO-regulator class, and FMC I2C using Linux built-in FMC support (for the I2C devices).

Besides that, there is more to come.

As we have many times repeating requests on simple things, I will be randomly collecting random howto's and story about the use of Zynq and Vivado, there is a new section in our docu-wiki

You are all welcome to subscribe the updates on the wiki, and suggest future topics.

I must say, I was amazed how it did take for me to get the LED control working the "Linux way".