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Flashing SMF2000's CPU from command-line

Started by blipton, April 28, 2023, 01:56:28 AM

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Anyone know a way to program the Cortex-M3 using openocd command line?  SoftConsole's debug console doesn't display the commands.

From the debugging options, I see openocd is started using:
openocd --command "set DEVICE M2S010" --file board/microsemi-cortex-m3.cfg

but no clue on download/flash .elf file..  the following doesn't work presumably because the elf doesn't have the memory area to download to?
openocd -f board/microsemi-cortex-m3.cfg -c "program myfile.elf verify reset exit


I can establish a connection between the TE0790 and the VM using xsdb or xsct, but I am unable to list the targets (the output is shown below).