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Eddy 2.5 Programming problems


I have made small board  just for programming Eddy modules.
It  consist only of some componets.
I used to it for programing   Eddy 2.1 modules.
Now I need to program Eddy 2.5 with the same board.
Programming is always finishing with error.
Program Samba gets stuck in middle of process.
I think It's HW problem because when programing with evaluation board everything is OK.
Can somebody tell me what module pins must be set and how to ensure proper function?
P.S. I tried to send my schematic but limit 128kB is realy to small.

Thorsten Trenz:
did you read this?,130.0.html

best regards
Thorsten Trenz

Yes, I have read.
My problem is that programming is sometimes completelly done and sometimes not.
Erasing is everytime ok but when samba is programming it gets stuck in different phases (on different address of memory) .
Can any floating pin cause an event that interrupts programming?


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