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FMC to Vmod / VHDC / VHDCI adapter

Started by Hengist, November 11, 2013, 10:51:13 AM

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Q: Is there any Digilent adapter connector to connect Digilent Vmod to FMC host boards?

No, Digilent does not offer any standard adapter connector to connect Digilent Vmod modules to FMC host/carrier boards.

One idea could be the self construction proposed in the Xilinx forum
VHDCI to FMC-LPC converter ...

Another (probably overkill) idea is to consider the Tews TFMC900. Double check connector genders and connector pin-outs.

The last idea is to find a suitable FMC module with a function similar to the Vmod / VHDC / VHDCI module to connect to the FMC host board.