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PA6H (FGPMMOPA6H) and $PGTOP (Antenna Advisor)


Q: why do some PA6H (GlobalTop FGPMMOPA6H) modules output $PGTOP,11,x (Antenna Status, Antenna Advisor) sentences and others do not?

The original standard PA6H firmware AXN2.10_5051 outputs $PGTOP,11,x sentences (antenna status/advisor messages) when PA6H is powered on.
However, some customers have been complaining about this behavior.

The current standard PA6H firmware AXN2.10_5263 does not output $PGTOP,11,x sentences (antenna status/advisor messages) when PA6H is powered on. Customer can still enable output of $PGTOP,11,x sentences (antenna status/advisor messages) when PA6H is powered on by sending command packet $PGCMD,33,x to the module.

--- Code: ---$PGCMD,33,mode*checksum

--- End code ---

* 0: disable antenna status indicator messages
* 1: enable antenna status indicator messages
* 2: query which mode is currently set;

* response packet 0: antenna status/advisor messages are disabled
* response packet 1: antenna status/advisor messages are enabled

Examples of packet command:

--- Code: ---$PGCMD,33,0*6D<CR><LF> (disable antenna status/advisor messages)

$PGCMD,33,1*6C<CR><LF> (enable antenna status/advisor messages)

--- End code ---

Examples of acknowledgment:

--- Code: ---$PGACK,33,0*6E<CR><LF> (antenna status/advisor messages are disabled)

$PGACK,33,1*6F<CR><LF> (antenna status/advisor messages are enabled)

--- End code ---

Customer can also send the $PGTOP,11 command to PA6H module to inquiry the antenna status.

--- Code: ---$PGTOP,11,3 *6F<CR><LF> (inquiry antenna status)

--- End code ---

Response packet:
 1=>Active Antenna Shorted
 2=>Using Internal Antenna
 3=>Using Active Antenna


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