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main differences between Electronic Explorer and Analog Discovery

Started by Hengist, March 12, 2013, 10:23:19 AM

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Q: what are the main differences between Electronic Explorer and Analog Discovery?

Main differences

  • AD is USB powered while EE has its own external source, thus EE requires more power
  • AD has 2 differential scope channels, while EE has 4 single ended channels
  • EE has 2 programmable power supplies (one fixed), while AD has only 2 fixed (one positive and one negative) power supplies
  • AD has 16 digital channels while EE has 32 digital channels
  • EE has a prototyping board (breadboard), while the AD has none
A more comprehensive comparison can be performed by referring to the following descriptions:

Main common features

  • The software is common, Waveforms, which evolved just to keep pace with the two devices and with the enhancements in the hardware mentioned above.
  • Reference manual: There is no such thing as a reference manual. The only documentation is the help of the Waveforms application and it can be obtained by downloading the latest version of Waveforms from,842,1094&Prod=WAVEFORMS
    You can download the application for free and run it even without having a board (demo mode).