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How do I configure fix-rates down to 0.1 Hz?

Started by Horsa, December 20, 2012, 11:15:19 AM

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Q: How do I configure fix-rates down to 0.1 Hz?

If you want to configure the fix rate down to 0.1 Hz, you shall use the following command with parameter set to 10000 milliseconds:

Set NMEA port update rate
Position fix interval (millisecond). The possible interval values range between 100 and 10000




$PMTK001,220,3*30 (this acknowledge means that PMTK220 command has been sent)


$GPGGA,063601.000,2307.1237,N,12016.4424,E,2,17,0.70,28.4,M,17.8,M,0000,0000*5F (GGA modified to be computed every 10 seconds)



Important difference:

  • Packet Type: 220 = PMTK_SET_NMEA_UPDATERATE
    sets the actual computation period.
  • Packet Type: 314 = PMTK_API_SET_NMEA_OUTPUT
    sets the NMEA sentence output frequencies: it simply configures how many computed sentences are output and how many are suppressed.