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DIPFORTy1 "Soft Propeller"

Started by gnaylor, September 03, 2015, 04:58:36 PM

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This looks an exciting new product - is the price going to carry on coming down  ;)
It should certainly be useful for embedded IOT type devices - but hang on, no ethernet connectivity. If only it had a USB port, I could stick in a wifi dongle. Are there not 2 MIO pins available to connect a regular USB port (OK makes the board a bit longer, but would definitely be worth it)?
This is crying out to run Linux to run a regular file system on the SD card - but you really would like to copy on to it from an external source. How do you expect this to be done?
Anyway - well done, this looks really cool!

Antti Lukats

DIPFORTy2 is what you are after - linux capable, and with USB on board, same mechanicals.


I want to know more about your hardware. What type of hardware it is?
Is it any development board or driver board or any interfacing board?
Is it a control board? Also what are its applications and what are its hardware components?
Where i can use it, i mean can i use it in my electronics projects?

prototype pcb assembly

Antti Lukats

more news in about week, after US trip..