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Analog Discovery: I/Os levels and protections

Started by Hengist, November 23, 2012, 12:53:59 PM

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Q: What are Analog Discovery I/O levels? Does Analog Discovery have I protections?

featuresrecommended operating conditionsmaximum absolute ratings
analog inputs (scope)ESD protection; overvoltage protection± 25 V± 50 V
analog outputsESD protection± 5 V(user is not supposed to apply any voltage)
digital outputsESD protectionLVCMOS 3.3 V (0.0, 3.3 V)(user is not supposed to apply any voltage)
digital inputsESD protection; LVCMOS 3.3 V (0.0, 3.3 V)3.3 V standards (LVCMOS, LVTTL); 5 V standards  (CMOS, TTL)± 20 V