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Compiling a new driver

Started by dinart, August 30, 2012, 07:07:57 PM

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Hello everybody,

I am using the  Eddy-DK v2.5 as a web server through the ethernet connection. But know, I am considering the possibility of doing the same but through a wireless connection. In other words, I am planning to use a USB-WiFi module and use it instead of the ethernet connection. I know you have a WiFi module but I need to use it in AP mode and I think is not possible to configure your module in that way.

So the question is how to include it in the firmware image which I will upload to the CPU via FTP/web browser/etc. I have it working in a "complete" linux distribution (ubuntu) but the makefile is for a native compilation, instead of a cross-compilation. What I do not know is how to include the driver for the USB-WiFi module in the "main" makefile which I will use to generate the firmware image.

Any help will be appreciated

Antti Lukats


your question is pretty much "generic linux" howto question, not much related to eddy module.
It is definitively possible to use USB Wifi sticks with embedded linux as well, but you have to work a bit modifying the build configuration and tweaking it to work, this may be not a trivial task unfortunately there is magic "do this" and the xyz wifi dongle will work on xyz embedded linux distribution.

Start by comparing the configuration and build make of the eddy and the ubuntu system in places related to usb and wifi-network

best of all if you manage to create a linux installabel kernel module (.ko file) that supports your wifi stick, then just copy it to the eddy filesystem, and make sure it is loaded at startup with insmod command




I didn't manage to get it to work with this kernel version (2.6.21). I was in contact with the team that developed the driver and they said that I have to upgrade to a kernel version newer than 2.6.28. So, now, the question is how to upgrade Lemonix for that kernel version (2.6.28)? I suppose I need the source for the drivers and compile them for this new kernel and also the compilation directives, etc. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance

Felipe López

Antti Lukats


you would need to make full kernel rebuild :( !
The best would be to contact the EDDY developers and ask about the kernel revision.
It is may not as simple as replacing a few file and typing make...