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TE0820 -05-2AI21MA and TE0701-05 Board Compatibility

Started by for_those_about_to_code, May 17, 2024, 04:30:58 PM

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First question on this board.

I have the above pieces of Hardware and I am working through the "Test Board" tutorial (2022.2 version).

I have ran (Ubuntu 20.04), selected '0' and then '107' for the corresponding component.

I notices that I get the following couple of lines:

WARNING: [Board 49-151] The current board '' is from a local repo. The vivado install has a corresponding board with version greater than or equal to the local repo board. Please use boards from vivado install to avoid any upgrade/migrate issues


INFO: [Ipptcl 7-1463] No Compatible Board Interface found. Board Tab not created in customize GUI

A couple of questions...

1) How do I use the Installed version rather than the local repo version? 
2) Why do I get the "No Compatible Board Interface..." message?  As far as I can see I am selecting the correct device?

Thanks in advanced.


you can ignore both messages. I don't know why the tool think it's a newer one available, but local one is the correct one for this reference design
 We update this board files only with newer vivado version and sometimes they are not backward compatible.
 In case of local repository, which will be set via trenz scripts for this project, you can also install/copy it into your vivado version(see point 3 or 4):

Regarding board interface. We didn't add board interfaces for the module, we add only basic PS configuration(see board automation, which will be done automatically on the reference design), which is also used on the reference design. PL design depends mostly on the carrier and customer design and so it makes not really sense to define pl interfaces.