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TEF1002-02 with TE0820-05

Started by harrx, May 16, 2024, 02:31:25 PM

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I am trying to work with the PCIe Carrier board -> TEF1002 with the TE0820 module. I am stuck at the very begining as the module is not recognized by Vivado Hardware Manager. It sees the Carrier board, but says "No devices connected to the target." I used both the Jtag/ uart and the Xilinx programmer methods.
I see 2 power supply lights on the carrier board and one blinking green light on the Module FPGA, but no Jtag connection. 

I tried the TE0820 module with a custom Carrier Board, and it was detected fine as "xczu3" by Vivado H/W Manager.

Is there any Jumper setting which needs to be taken care of for the Jtag connection (I am using the default) or does it look like a connection problem. How to move forward from here.

Martin R.


there are three dips (S2-4, S2-5, S2-6) associated with JTAG, they should all be in off position for JTAG access to SoC of TE0820.

There is one further dip which enables the module (S2-7) this should be in ON position. See
If this is not on also D4 on carrier should blink

Do you see 'unknown device' in vivado if switching to carrier cpld JTAG or module cpld JTAG?

The green LEDS on TEF1002 are D3 and D4? They should be constant on.

What do you mean by xilinx programmer method? You connected  programmer with fly-wires to J5?
J19 PJTAG is different and has to be enabled in the design.

did you try to just boot our pre-build reference design from SD card? Do you see anything on UART output?


Hi Martin,

Yes thanks this worked. I had the same jumper positions, but somwhow switching them off and on again after connecting the JTAG makes the connection.