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Linux, Quartus Programmer - JIC programming failure

Started by rchemin, March 25, 2024, 02:03:44 PM

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One of our product includes a TEI-0005 module(1) from Trenz Electronic.
This module is used as an on-board USB to JTAG blaster allowing the end user to configure an Intel® Agilex® FPGA.

We performed tests with Quartus Programmer 23.4, Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS OS versions.

For Ubuntu OS, we downloaded the driver and followed the instructions for installation.

Volatile (.sof) configuration works with both Windows and Ubuntu OS.
>> But the non-volatile (.jic) configuration does not work with Ubuntu OS. The flash memory configuration results in a fail...

Our product also includes a connector for plugging in an external JTAG probe (Altera USB-Blaster II, etc.).
JIC programming works with the Altera's JTAG probe and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
>> But it does not work with an Arrow's JTAG probe(2) and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS...

We think that both solutions: TEI-0004 and TEI-0005 have problem with Quartus Programmer for Ubuntu OS.
Can you confirm? Help us with this issue?

(1) FPGA USB-Programmer2 SMD Module
(2) FPGA USB-Programmer2 JTAG (Arrow) for development with Intel FPGAs

Thank you,

Best regards,

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unfortunately I can say only the same like on your email request.

This is a know issue which seems to happens with Agilex FPGA together with Arrow programmer an Linux only. Unfortunately Arrow didn't have a solution until now.
PS: I've add a note to our Documentations: