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TE0715 QSPI boot not working

Started by zhjaafri, May 28, 2024, 04:28:13 AM

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I am using TE0715 module with our own designed carrier as per connections of TE0706. We have developed a program which works fine on both TE0706 and our developed pcb when programmed using jtag. But when we try to boot using qspi flash it works fine on TE0706 Board but does not works on our pcb. Although we have applied same settings for jtagen and mode pins for som. jtagen pin is set to gnd where as mode pin is left open and en1 pin is pulled up using 10k resistor.
suggest me solution for this problem.


Mode Pin controls Boot mode and when you has it floating, I would expect QSPI boot Mode, because CPLD of TE0715 has week pullup activated. This should be OK normally, but it's not good to keep this floating.

Can you tell me how you connect all these controller pins on your carrier?

Can you tell me the LEDs when your appr. the module(firmware and some LED status signal has changed last year):

PS: Did you write also to the technical support?


Thanks alot for your reply, I had populated LED indicator at PGood pin on carrier board which was causing voltage drop on the pin. We removed this connection and now som is booting normally.
Yes, I also wrote to technical support and thanks for their help too.


Good to hear that it works know.
Some note regarding PGOOD: This is a multifunction pin and used also as addition boot mode Pin now. (PGOOD output and as boot Mode input) to allow JTAG only boot mode, which is necessary for newer Vivado Versions to programm QSPI Flash, see: