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MediaTek LOCUS binary data and NMEA 0183 or Google KML

Started by Horsa, June 01, 2012, 01:31:09 PM

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Q: is there a way to convert MediaTek LOCUS binary data to NMEA 0183 or Google KML (keyhole mark-up language)?

On an official website, a couple of free tools for GPS in general and MediaTek / GlobalTop receivers in particular are published:

One of those tools, GlobalTop PA6C Download Utility,
is able to download MediaTek LOCUS binary data directly from GlobalTop receivers based on MediaTek MT3339 chip and export to NMEA 0183 format (or simply CSV).

Another tool on the same page, NMEA to KMZ file converter,
is able to convert NMEA 0183 to KMZ (compressed KML)