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Eddy v2.5 don't work (serialflash missing)

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I repeat all process:

-SAMBA 2.10 are intalled in laptop

-download USB_recovery from   because I don't found it in
and uncompress it in G:\USB_Recoverry_v25_10915

- download images from and paste the files in G:\USB_Recoverry_v25_10915

- copy and paste of at91sam9g20-ek.tcl and isp-serialflash-at91sam9g20.bin to J:\Archivos de programa\ATMEL Corporation\SAM-BA v2.10\tcl_lib\at91sam9g20-ek

- modify the file Eddy_burning_SerialFlash.tcl in order to change    filesystemFileName        "eddy-fs-"
to    filesystemFileName        "eddy-fs-"

-switchoff eddy DK
-change S6 to off
-switch ON
-wait 5sec
-change S6 to on
-  run the .bat by execute   

the result is OK in the eddy-cpu that is provided with the development kit
I siwch off and on again and the eddy runs propertly

then I switch off the eddy DK,   change the eddy-cpu (carefully)

and repeat

the result is the same that first post ( don`t work)

"2) eddy board has a special pin that DISABLES the spi flash, it is some nand gate.. when its disabled then the spi flash NOT ACCESSIBLE, it would read 0xFFFFFFF as flash ID, causing of the samba flash applet to not recognize the chip"

when I tested with osciloscope the write protection (pin3) of serial flash EN25q64, I don't see any modify(0Voltage level) when I change the jumper S6, in all my eddy-cpu modules.  Perhaps a esquematic of this section can be explain this item

It is possible that, my hardware are damage??


Hi Thorsten
I will to take some photo. (in this moment my camera are showing poor results)

I made a mistake

"when I tested with osciloscope the write protection (pin3) of serial flash EN25q64, I don't see any modify(3.3VVoltage level) ...."

Dear all:

Today arrived "good" new eddy cpu modules.
I try to update ones and it works fine.
I changed the serial flash IC between two ( the "bad" cpu and the new "good" cpu) by desolder and solder process

the "new" cpu works fine and the "bad" cpu doesn't work.

I think that, I crack the hardware that exists between AT91sam9g20 and EN56q64 in 2 cpu
the SAMBA works with all my eddy modules.

if I discover other answer, I will post here

Thanks at all


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