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share a vitis project with 2 PCs

Started by beautycornbread, April 17, 2024, 03:48:21 AM

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I have used the share function for version control which was fine.
Now a college has to work with me on the same project but the platform and appl. system project uses (local) absolute paths (e.g. path to sysroot).

Could anybody plaese give me a hint for a good practise or a tutorial to share vitis projects between 2 colleges or PCs?


I think this can be helpfull for you

You can also export workspace and import on other PC.

We use lokal repository and include them into our reference design, so you can use them like AMD-Xilinx example. But there is less documentation from ADM available how you create such a template. We mostly copy some example from the vitis installation and change it like we need. But I think for you is export workspace or maybe GIT solution from the AMD forum link more suitable