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Always repeating $PMTK010 and $PMTK011 commands

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I use GPS (FGPPM0PA6B) which consists of MTK chipset. I am having a strange problem. Once I switch on the  GPS on my system which is battetry powered (3.3V) for sometime I start getting the weird $PMTK010 and $PMTK011 commands again and again as you can see it from the screenshot attached. What might be the possible source of error. I have read previously that these commands are given out when the GPS has finished its boot up process, but why does it hangs there, repeating the same sequence again and again.

Thank you for reading


Repeating $PMTK010 and $PMTK011 commands mean that the PA6B GPS module is repeating power on/off.
Would you please provide the following items for us:

* description or photo of test environment
* schematic diagram of the base board
* photo of base boardDo you have the opportunity to monitor power supply voltage with an oscilloscope?

Thank you Fabio for your apt reply.

I am using a Power distribution switch TPS2092 to switch on and off the GPS. They are always on. The VCC of the TPS2092 is the output of a DC-DC converter MCP1640 i.e output is 3.3V, I could see sometimes the ripples in my oscilloscope at the VCC of the GPS. But few other times even though there is no ripple, after sometime it starts emitting this PMTK commands.


Please send us your schematic diagram and baseboard picture.
Please send us your part number and firmware version.
Please verify carefully power supply and signal levels: even short voltage drops can force the module to reboot.

Without further information, the only thing we can recommend you is to

* remove TP2029 and MPC1640
* connect Vcc and Enable pin of PA6B directly to 3.3 V power supplyThen please let us know the result.

As you have said, I have used  USB power to drive the GPS and it works well, as I have seen keeping a Switch Mode Power Supply, I believe the inrush current is low when I am using a battery cell, but the main problem is that I have to use GPS in a battery powered system. So that is the main reason for using DC-DC boost converter (MCP1640) and power distribution (TPS2092) switch to switch off the GPS.


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