Author Topic: Information about the fx2 firmware included in the TE0320 reference design  (Read 4028 times)


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I would like to know if there's information regarding the fx2 firmware provided in the TE0320 design, I was able to figure out some aspects of the controller configuration (slave fifo mode, double buffered endpoints with 512kbyte, etc..) but I need the full info about it (the fx2_core and fx2_i2c cores datasheets do not provide enough info imo).

On a side note I have another question: the USB API provided was built accordingly to the firmware? I'm asking this because it would come in handy to have USB Isochronous transfers and it seems that the API-firmware duo only supports Bulk. 


Oleksandr Kiyenko

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Hello westrice,
We just start new repository for FX2 firmware
under MIT license.
You can find information you need in source code.
Note that current firmware in repository have new Device ID and Vendor ID as we preparing it new driver release, but
all functions should work. You are welcome to take part in firmware development to add new functionality.



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The release of the third generation Trenz Electronic USB FX2 Suite made this post obsolete. Please access current documentation and resources here: TE USB FX2 Suite.