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Xilinx Board Description file (*.xbd2) for GigaBee XCSLX (UM-TE0600)


would you please be so kindly to provide such file(s)?
If so, users/customers could easily create BSB projects like they can do with Xilinx evaluation boards.

(unsymmetrical clock, fixed pll-locations for MIG, fixed MAC-address, .ucf file, ..)

Thanks in advance

Oleksandr Kiyenko:
Hi  GuinnessTrinker,

You can get BSB files from Github repository.
Note that this project is under active development.


Thanks for that.

You are right. The development is not finished, but it is helpful.

I still have to edit some settings:

1.) ports clk_p, clk_n -> sys_clk (unsymmetrical)
2.) port address of TEMAC: 0b00001 -> 0b00111
3.) MIG/FPGA options: ZIO pin -> Y2
4.) copy .ucf to system/data (With Xilinx-boards this is done when exporting the project from XPS)
5.) modify system.mhs: sys_clk: delete  "DIFFERENTIAL_POLARITY = P,"

The TE0600 board is missing in your docs folder.
My project is based on AXI. I think PLB is outdated.
I use ISE 13.4.


I concur. The XBD2 / IP-AXCT files should be provided for both the 600 alone and with carrier board 603. A complete UCF file should also be provided for all of the pins/devices already utilized on the 600/603.


--- Quote from: GuinnessTrinker on April 03, 2012, 08:14:50 AM ---Thanks for that.

I still have to edit some settings:

--- End quote ---

Hello GuinnessTrinker

did you succeed to build a AXI Microblaze? I just tried to build a minimal one for several hours without success.

SDK keeps saying either that Microblaze is in reset state or that the debug module cannot be accessed.

I am using a HS1 JTAG programming cable.

Kind regards



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