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Using "AGPS" / "EPO in Flash" without GlobalTop tools

Started by Horsa, March 23, 2012, 03:02:38 PM

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Q: Can I use the "AGPS" / "EPO in Flash" function in my embedded system (without GlobalTop tools)?

Yes, you can.
Due to the unique architecture requirement of the AGPS enabled systems, please contact us if you are planning to use GlobalTop "AGPS" / "EPO in Flash" solution, EPO data server parameters, development tools and documentation. A non disclosure agreement shall be signed.

The following packets are documented therein:

  • Packet Type: 127 PMTK_CMD_CLEAR_EPO_INFO
  • Packet Type: 607 PMTK_Q_EPO_INFO
  • Packet Type: 707 PMTK_DT_EPO_INFO
  • Packet Type: 722 MTK_BIN_EPO