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Query the status of EPO file loaded into flash memory

Started by Horsa, March 21, 2012, 10:42:24 PM

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Q: How can be queried the status of EPO file loaded into flash memory?

You can query the validity period of the off-line AGPS data (EPO file loaded into Flash memory) by sending command
that will be ACKnowledged by packed
The description of each item is as follows:

  • Number Epoch:28
  • First Epoch Week:1680
  • First Epoch TOW:259200
  • Final Epoch Week:1681
  • Final Epoch TOW:237600
  • Crnt Min Epoch Week:1680
  • Crnt Min Epoch TOW:259200
  • Crnt Max Epoch Week:1680
  • Crnt Max Epoch TOW:259200
  • checksum: *19