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Does GlobalTop support a USB driver for the GNU/Linux operating system?

Started by Horsa, June 07, 2010, 04:19:28 PM

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Q: Does GlobalTop support a USB driver for the GNU/Linux operating system?

No, GlobalTop does NOT support any USB driver for the GNU/Linux operating system.
Nevertheless, GlobalTop provided us with some unofficial, unsupported guidelines reported hereunder.

Use-EeePC to support MT3329 on Linux System

Update System Build Environment
1. Add path in /etc/apt/sources.list
¡Vdeb etch main
¡Vdeb p701 main dev
2. Update Data Base
¡Vsudoapt-get update
3. Update GCC
¡Vsudoapt-get install gcc
3. Update build-essential package
¡Vsudoapt-get install build-essential

Get Get EeePC EeePC Kernel Source Kernel Source
1. Go to ASUS Official Website
2. Choose ¡§Download¡¨
3. Select Product
¡VEeePC??¡§EeePC Series¡¨your EeePCmodel
4. Download Source Code
¡V¡§Linux_Kernel_071127.rar ¡¨
5. Extract Source Code
¡VOutput ¡§linux-source- ¡¨
¡Esudorarx Linux_Kernel_071127.rar (If you have RAR on EeePC)
¡Eor you can extract it with other tools

Update Driver Source Code Update Driver Source Code
1. Update cdc-acm.c
in /drivers/usb/class/
2. The only difference is
adding Vendor and Product
ID¡¦sfor MT3329 USB Solution

To Find static struct usb_device_id acm_ids[]
Add (please follow coding rule )
{ USB Device(0x0e8d,0x3329), /* Meditek GPS USB function */
.driver_info =No_UNICN_NORMAL, /* has no union descriptor */

Make Module for MT3329 USB Make Module for MT3329 USB
1. Change path to /drivers/usb/class
2. Build module for cdc-acm
¡Vor you can use ¡§sudomake install¡¨to make all kernel source
¡EYou may need to following current configuration of EeePC
sudocp /boot/config- .config

Insert Module to System
?Insert module to system

How to Get GPS Data through USB Port How to Get GPS Data through USB Port
1. Plug in MT3329 USB device
¡VThe device can be found in /dev/, and naming ¡§ttyACM0¡¨
2. Catch GPS NMEA data
¡VIf you don¡¦t have tools like minicomin linux, you can directly catch the log and save in a file
¡Ecat /dev/ttyACM0 >~/Output.txt
¡EThe NMEA data will be saved in Output.txt


Please consult the MT3329 Linux Driver Installation Guide - EeePC Example published by MediaTek and released for GlobalTop on 17 August 2010:

This guide bases on the Universal Serial Bus Communication Device Class Abstract Control Model (USB CDC ACM) specification.