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TE0807 Starterkit reference design with added VCU doesn't work

Started by michielm, December 06, 2023, 05:11:44 PM

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After using this reference design succesfully:
together with this SOM:

I tried to get the VCU working. So i addeded the VCU to the PL, exported a new XSA and imported it into the petalinux project. However strange thing is that the VCU reports an error:
[   26.602120] al5e 80000000.al5e: Mcu didn't start (no ping after startup, is mcu enabled ?)
[   26.602120] al5d 80020000.al5d: Mcu didn't start (no ping after startup, is mcu enabled ?)
[   26.742147] al5e 80000000.al5e: Failed to setup firmware
[   26.758135] al5d 80020000.al5d: Failed to setup firmware

I only get rid of this error by either starting a petalinux project from scratch or replace the TRENZ FSBL by the default Xilinx ZYNQMP FSBL.

But the reason i ask here is that I'm not sure it's really the FSBL. Using a Trenz TE0803 ZU4EV SOM I was able to get it going with the Trenz FSBL.

I also asked Xilinx but they only told me the VCU is very picky on the applied pll_ref_clk:

Can you think of a reason why i have so many troubles to get the VCU going?




Sometimes clocks may have coupling that can be an issue. So my idea was to turn off some clocks (SATA/USB) generated by the Si5345B clock chip which I don't need. However if open clock builder pro project enclosed in the reference design:

Clock builder tells me the project (Si5345-RevB-0807Project.slabtimeproj) is corrupt....


Apparently clockbuilder 3.0 is able to load the project. As said the latest Silabs clockbuilder 4.11 doesn't work...


That's right. We need to update the *.slabtimeproj for latest Skyworks versions. The files were created with version 4.3.



Can you provide me a link to this 4.3 version I cannot find it anywhere on the net...





unfortunately I do not have a download link for version 4.3.

What you can do from my point of view is the following:
Please contact the Skyworks support for this version or
read the settings of the clock module from the file "te_Si5345-Register.h". This is a little more complicated but should also work.

best regards,


At last i found the culprit. It was the FSBL (ZYNQMP_FSBL.elf) not being properly configured (rebuild) for the hardware changes I made to the block design (PL).
You must be aware that as soon as you change the hardware (vivado block design) the FSBL needs to be rebuild. The default FSBL generated by the petalinux-build tool is not ok.