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TEBF0808's SI5338 configuration through I2C not working.

Started by ffaserodio, June 23, 2023, 04:54:23 PM

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We're using the TE0808 module together with TEBF0808 carrier, and we wanted to have a configurable clock (set to 30.72 MHz) with an external connection to feed a ADRV9371 RF Frontend FMC Board that we're using.
To this end we noticed that the TEBF0808 had a SI5338 clock generator connected to a SMA output (J33), and we tried to configure it through I2C via FSBL.

We followed the guidelines set for the I2C FSBL configuration of the SI5345 present on the TE0808 module ( ), and performed a few alterations since the I2C writing pattern was slightly different (had a mask field).
When testing we saw via UART that the SI5338's I2C registers were in fact being written by also reading them after each write, but the clock signal being outputted via J33 did not get modified. Instead it was set to 26MHz all the time, which had us believe the NVM is configured to this frequency, although we never performed such configuration.

Is there any additional configuration that we need to perform? Does the configuration of the clock generator's NVM prevent the possibility of configuring it through I2C?


NVM writing of SI5355 can be done via Skywork tools:
NVM writing of SI5338 is not longer possible in case it's solderted:

In your case I would suggest to programm NVM of SI5345 on TE0808 with the CLKs you need and Programm SI5338 on TEBF0808 over FSBL or your running linux os on runtime. FSBL source code for SI5338 programming is available on TE0803 reference designs