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Reference Design & Custom Usage of SI5345 Onboard TE0818

Started by jwil, November 16, 2023, 08:17:36 PM

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Hello, I am in the process of bringing up the 2022.2 Reference Design for the TE0818 SOM +TEBF0818 Carrier. I would like to know more about the default configuration of the SI5345 that is onboard the TE0818 SOM. I have located the associated SkyWorks SI5345 slabtimeproj file in the reference design and have viewed it in ClockBuilderPro.

Is there documentation or a breakdown of how each output port is being used by the SOM under the provided project?

Are there input and output ports specifically left unused for designs to source / consume from off-board? If so, how many, and which ones?

Any other pointers to consider regarding use of the onboard SI5345 are welcome.

Thanks in advance.


see schematics page 26 (U5 SI5345), page 18 (GTR), page14,15 (GTH):

GTR configuration(used interfaces, PCIe, SATA,USB3, DP....) depends on the carrier.
For TEBF0818 carrier, we offer reference designs with basic configuration:


Thank you for the pointers.

One follow-up question on clocks:

If I understand the TEBF0818 / TE0818 reference design correctly, the SI5345 OUT8 differential output is connected to SI5338 IN1/IN2.
Further, the SI5338 CLK1A output is connected to an external SMA connector (J32).

I am trying to program the SI5338 to pass input IN1/IN2 to output CLK1A to verify SI5338 operation.

Is there a default SI5338 configuration included in the reference design?


Following up, after booting the TEBF80818/TE0818, I was able to generate a configuration for the SI5338 and program over I2C to pass an output clock on J32.


Good to hear that it works now.
Regarding your question to PLL programming. NVM of SI5338 and also SI5345 are not preprogrammed.