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Started by Neliz, September 25, 2023, 03:49:15 PM

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Hi everyone,

I have a TE0720-03-61C33MA mounted on a TE0701-06.
When working on this board I have no problem with flashing bare metal applications with uart communication, but starting Petalinux shows its difficulties.

The problem I now face is that I receive no UART communication when trying to boot Petalinux. I am trying to do this via the SD card (note that programming via JTAG was not possible because the DDR pin was kept in reset mode).
When following:, I follow the "Launch" paragraph and copy image.ub, boot.src and Boot.bin from the delivery binary folder generated by the on a FAT32 partition SD card.
I have used the Vivado, Vitis, Petalinux 2022.2 version.
According the the documentation of the TE0701, when its finds an SD card it should automatically boot load from the SD card.
When I insert the SD card, the red LED on the TE0720 starts blinking slow, but no signal is received on the UART.
Is there an other way to see if the Zynq is booting from the SD card (maybe another LED or something)?
When opening the HW manager in Vivado it indicates that nothing is programmed.

The switches on the S3 are in default configuration (On is towards the middle of the PCB):
S3-1 OFF
S3-2 OFF
S3-3 ON
S3-4 OFF

Anyone has any idea if i'm doing something wrong/ forgetting something.


Just to add on this, my TE0720-03-61C33MA does not contain the eMMC Nand flash memory U15. Not sure if this is an issue.


can you check all 3 LEDs:

In case D4 is on, I would say it simple doesn boot. eMMC is no matter. But  TE0720-03-61C33MA should contain emmc.  Did you select correct files? I can check assembly variant, when you send me the serial number of the module(number on the small sticker with QR code).


Hi John,

Yes D4 is on and D3 is blinking slowly.
QR code is: 702015


TE0720-03-61C33MA(original TE0720-03-61C33MAY without RTC, but you have had it retrofitted.) is correct and leds say SD boot mode and PL not programmed(so it stops booting or doesn't boot).
Can you try out one time  prebuilt boot.bin with our "Hello TE0720" app?  Format SD with one partition only as FAT32.
And check your external power supply. Is there some current limit?


Hi John,

I used the "" script inside the "TE0720-test_board-vivado_2022.2-build_2_20230719115741".
With this script I have created: " _binaries_TE0720-03-61C33MAS" folder, with vivado 2022.2.
I have copied the "boot.bin" file from the "boot_hello_te0720" folder on a empty FAT32 partition.

When powering up the device the same thing happens. D4 is on and D3 is blinking slowly.

The limit on the power supply is 12V, 5.5A.