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Modifying TE0714 to use lower voltage for LVDS

Started by mrtn, September 21, 2023, 09:05:44 AM

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I have two TE0714-04-52I-7-B boards (3.3V option) with TEBA0714-01 carrier.  I'm using an XMOD JTAG as well.
Wondering if I can manually change out some resistors to turn this into a lower voltage compatible with LVDS differential input and output.  I understand input may work already at 3.3V (with limitations), but LVDS output requires the lower voltage.

Is there any instructions on which resistors to replace?  I see some mention in the schematics but it's unclear what to change.

Thanks for any guidance!  I see the lower voltage boards are generally unavailable or on backorder.

Vadim Y

Hello Martin,

It is indeed possible to change the VCCIO_0 voltage from 3.3V to 1.8V by replacing certain resistors. However, the main problem is that FLASH S25FL127SABMFV10 only works with a supply voltage of 3.3V. To convert, you will also have to change this component to 1.8V compatible.

Please remember that such interference with the operation of the module automatically voids your warranty.

Best regards,