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Running NIOSV processor from external SDRAM on Cyclone IV E.



I am working on a project where previously NIOS II was used and NIOS II Code was loaded through external SDRAM on the Cyclone IV E (EP4CE40F23C8) FPGA. It works fine without any issue.

Now as per the requirement of the project, NIOS II needs to replaced with NIOSV processor. If I run the NIOSV through On-Chip-Ram, the code executes well as expected. But when I try to run the NIOSV code through external SDRAM, ELF gets loaded successfully but the code does not executes as expected.

I have already make sure to set the reset vector in NIOSV to the SDRAM Controller IP. The BSP settings are also made accordingly.

Following are my questions regarding the issue:
- 1 : Is NIOSV processor applicable to run through external SDRAM ?
- 2 : If yes to Q.1, then what is the procedure I need to follow in order to run the NIOSV processor through external SDRAM.

- Quartus Version used : Quartus Prime Standard 22.1.1
- RiscFree IDE for creating software project.
- FPGA :  Cyclone IV E (EP4CE40F23C8)
- External SDRAM Part No on the Cyclone IV FPGA : W9816G6IH ( WinBond )

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated. Thanks !!



I am writing this to follow up on the issue that I have mentioned. Any feedback would be appreciated.




i see you have already posted this question on the intel forum,
regarding your question you should be much better advised there than here.

best regards


Thomas D:
Hi himanshu,
we now have a reference design available online for our TEI0003 CYC1000 board with Nios V/m running through an external SDRAM (Winbond W9864G6JT-6).

* Wiki description:
* Download link:
The IP Core used is an AXI4 sdram controller from Github. The source code was only slightly adapted for Quartus.

* Source code on github:
You can simply copy the IP Core and try it out on your board.



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