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TE0715 red led flashes 5 times

Started by svedach, August 14, 2023, 09:21:33 AM

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We made new base boards for TE0715, on power up the SOC starts but the red LED (D3, SC) blinks 5 times each. There is no description of this in the manual. Could this blinking mean some kind of problem? Or is the module functioning properly?

M Kirberg


in the old firmware this has the following meaning, see attachmet



Thanks, but I'm not sure which bank voltage we are talking about - is it the CPLD bank voltage or the FPGA bank voltage? And what's the boot mode? I would greatly appreciate a brief explanation.


your module probably runs with the old cpld firmware which is not really documented well.
You could flash the new firmware for which the documentation is here:
Note that this it is a little tricky with TE0715 since the JTAG signals are routed a little different than on other 4x5 modules, cpld access works with carrier TE0703 and TE0705 which on their own need special firmware (

Blinking 5 times on your module is according to the new firmware the state: ON - Default state after power on
So it should be okay.

The bank voltage part is for the boundary scan -

Bootmode -> After Power is turned on the DIP Switches determine the boot mode. It is possible to change the boot mode via linux console input -

best regards