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Problem with QSPI boot after power on reset.

Started by Shantaram, April 11, 2022, 08:04:14 AM

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Hello folks,

Board:- TE0714-03
Part No: xc7a50tcsg325-2
Vitis Ver. 2019.2
QSPI Flash: Micron (mt25qu128)

I have generated BIN file which included Bitstream and SREC SPI bootloader.
The elf file( ELF to bootable SREC format) store in some offset location on QSPI.

After reboot the board bitstream is loaded and program stucked at SPI SREC bootloader. Getting  SREC SPI Bootloader message on terminal. but when I reset the system manually its working.
While debugging we understood, after power-on-reset its not recognizing the QSPI flash, getting manufacturing id is 0, And device code is FFFF or 0000. But when I manually reset the board its working( Manufacturing ID= 20 and device code =BB18).
We want to system works with POR not manually reset.

Thanks in advance



Hi John,

Thanks for reply.

I tested the bootloader and its working fine. Thank you.


I also have the same issue. I find the best answer until I read your post. The SREC SPI bootloader is better than others.