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Allow TE0703 to boot from QSPI/eMMC without a SD card present and other woes

Started by AaronB, June 13, 2023, 04:44:31 PM

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I have a petalinux 2019.1 image on this TE0703-05 with a TE0720-04.

  • BOOT.BIN is on the QSPI
  • image.ub is on the eMMC
  • The boot mode is QSPI: S2-1 and SD-4 are OFF

All of this works just fine, but only if the micro SD card is present, even if it has no bootable files.
If it is not there, I get the "Card did not respond to voltage select!" message.

Is there a workaround or fix such that I can boot the device without an SD card present?

If I recall correctly, I've handled this in the past by rebuilding the vivado project to remove the external SD card.  This is also slightly less than ideal because we now have an SD card slot we can't use, and also because it presents versioning issues (the vivado version with SD card support and the one without).

I'll happily accept ideas for version control in your workflow involving a petalinux project, when the goal is to switch back and forth between building with SD card and without (new vivado image, plus petalinux config changes)


Hi AaronB,

have you tried newer versions? With the reference design 21.2 or 22.2 the ".. voltage select " message doesn't show up.

best regards