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Using the CYC1000 have been developed Firmwares, Useful Wrappers and Retro cores:

One of the latest retro-implementation is the PCXT, that probes that it is posible to port from MIST  & MiSTER fpgas, into CYC1000.

The port of Minimig AMIGA AGA 68020, Minimig-UnAMIGA is in development:

In order to see a new firmware/core that use a microcontroller there is ALMA (Nowadays uses only BRAM at high speed over 400Mhz):

The proyect begin two years ago with some keyfeatures.
QPI -> Connexion bettewn SBC "Most of the time the choosen SBC, is a Rasberry PI"
4 Bit SD -> For future high speed implementations
Video digital with 4 diferential pairs -> VIDEO DIGITAL DVI WRAPPER most of the time (That means no sound in the DIGITAL-VIDEO).
USB Direct -> using the L1 & K1 in pull down, @Thesonders developped a wrapper compatible with unifying, it is an state machine for keyboards in boot mode.

For recreate a way to do implement new designs and old computers the board has:
EAR -> lo listen for old data stored y cassettees.
STEREO DELTASIGMA -> Maintain Deltasigma and PWM for their easy implementation of sound, an exercises.
VIDEO DIGITAL that could be transformed easily in VGA64 with an adaptor
2 PS2 -> The keyboard one has K2 & L2, and some cores uses nowadays USB unifiying from Logitech.

USB-DIRECT compatible with Unifiing wireless protocol:

We animate developers of the CYC1000, to Join if they are interested.
We also has a group in telegram only search por INICIATIVA ATLAS Spanish & English / ATLAS INITIATIVE for International group
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