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I present a comunity of INICIATIVA ATLAS - ATLAS INITIATIVE for CYC1000:


Using the CYC1000 have been developed Firmwares, Useful Wrappers and Retro cores:

One of the latest retro-implementation is the PCXT, that probes that it is posible to port from MIST  & MiSTER fpgas, into CYC1000.

The port of Minimig AMIGA AGA 68020, Minimig-UnAMIGA is in development:

In order to see a new firmware/core that use a microcontroller there is ALMA (Nowadays uses only BRAM at high speed over 400Mhz):

The proyect begin two years ago with some keyfeatures.
QPI -> Connexion bettewn SBC "Most of the time the choosen SBC, is a Rasberry PI"
4 Bit SD -> For future high speed implementations
Video digital with 4 diferential pairs -> VIDEO DIGITAL DVI WRAPPER most of the time (That means no sound in the DIGITAL-VIDEO).
USB Direct -> using the L1 & K1 in pull down, @Thesonders developped a wrapper compatible with unifying, it is an state machine for keyboards in boot mode.

For recreate a way to do implement new designs and old computers the board has:
EAR -> lo listen for old data stored y cassettees.
STEREO DELTASIGMA -> Maintain Deltasigma and PWM for their easy implementation of sound, an exercises.
VIDEO DIGITAL that could be transformed easily in VGA64 with an adaptor
2 PS2 -> The keyboard one has K2 & L2, and some cores uses nowadays USB unifiying from Logitech.

USB-DIRECT compatible with Unifiing wireless protocol:

We animate developers of the CYC1000, to Join if they are interested.
We also has a group in telegram only search por INICIATIVA ATLAS Spanish & English / ATLAS INITIATIVE for International group

I will make an effort to take the initiative and investigate whether or not the requirements of the individuals may be satisfied by any of the software that is now available. In order to provide SDRAM with a clock, a phase-shifted PLL output and the pin associated with it have been introduced.
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