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TE0724-04 usb petalinux console not working

Started by Paolo, March 02, 2023, 03:43:00 PM

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I have 8 trenz module te0724-04 61I32-A and I have mounted them on a custom board with an USB interface.
While petalinux is booting the firmware from sd-card I usually read the logs on the com interface. This has always worked on older revisions of your trenz modules (te0724-03).

Using te0724-04 7 out of 8 modules are not logging anything, while they are correctly loading the bitstream from sd-card. After waiting some time FPGAs work properly. The 8th also output logs.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
Paolo Santoro


I tested the modules using the same board and the same sd-card for all the 8 te024-04 and for the te0724-03


can you send me the serial number of one older board, which is working and also the new revisions?  serial number is on the small sticker with QR code. You can also send them to
Did you checked connectors? Maybe there is a contact problem or try out one time our reference design with our carrier?
Most interfaces are fix on this series so maybe prebuilt binaries starts also on your custom carrier. Can you try out this?