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TE-0720 unique serial number

Started by bigguiness, February 03, 2023, 04:21:20 PM

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Is it possible to get the "SHA-256 authentication chip with unique serial number" in linux?

I see this when the system starts to boot:
Xilinx First Stage Boot Loader (TE modified)
Release 2020.2  Feb  1 2023-17:18:15

Device IDCODE: 23727093
Device Name: 7z020 (7)
Device Revision: 2
TE0720 TE_FsblHookBeforeHandoff_Custom

SoM: TE0720-03-1C  F SC REV:05
MAC: D8 80 39 DE 31 20


U-Boot 2020.01 (Feb 02 2023 - 22:21:44 +0000)

CPU:   Zynq 7z020
Silicon: v3.1
DRAM:  ECC disabled 1 GiB
Flash: 0 Bytes
NAND:  0 MiB
MMC:   mmc@e0100000: 0, mmc@e0101000: 1
In:    serial@e0000000
Out:   serial@e0000000
Err:   serial@e0000000
ZYNQ GEM: e000b000, mdio bus e000b000, phyaddr 0, interface rgmii-id

Warning: ethernet@e000b000 using MAC address from DT
eth0: ethernet@e000b000
U-BOOT for petalinux
importing env from FSBL shared area at 0xFFFFFC00
Found valid magic
## Info: input data size = 27 = 0x1B

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

The MAC address is being properly passed to linux:
Marvell 88E1510 e000b000.ethernet-ffffffff:00: attached PHY driver [Marvell 88E1510] (mii_bus:phy_addr=e000b000.ethernet-ffffffff:00, irq=POLL)
macb e000b000.ethernet eth0: Cadence GEM rev 0x00020118 at 0xe000b000 irq 29 (d8:80:39:de:31:20)

But I can't find any "serial number" information anywhere.

/proc/cpuinfo has this:
Hardware        : Xilinx Zynq Platform
Revision        : 0003
Serial          : 0000000000000000

And I don't see anything with a serial number under /sys/devices/soc0.

Is there a way to read the serial number from the SHA-256 authentication chip?



yes and no....but that's more a AMD internal question, you should write to AMD support(community is much bigger there) and check Zynq documentation, in case you has SoC internal questions.
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