Author Topic: Silver bullet recipe for migration from sdcard boot to emmc boot (TE0720)  (Read 787 times)


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Hi all experts!
My goal is to move my current design from sd card booting to emmc booting and I’m looking for a silver bullet recipe for migration.
Hardware: TE0720 on top of TE0703

These storage devices are available:

sdcard  (SD0)  32GB
emmc    (SD1) 7.3GiB
qspi           32MiB

If I'm not wrong these fileses are generated:

FPGA bitstream: system.bit        2.5 MB
FSBL:           te_zynq_fsbl.elf  0.7 MB
U-BOOT:         u-boot.bin        0.5 MB
Linux kernel:   zImage            3.8 MB
rootfs:         rootfs.bin        77  MB

I have several questions and the answers could lead to a complete migration from sd card boot to emmc boot:

a) Best practice: where to put which files?
My best guess:
bitstream + fsbl + uboot -> qspi
kernel + rootfs -> emmc

b) Recipe: what, how and where configure what, to accomplish this boot scheme and generate files accordingly?
c) Recipe for bootstraping on first commisioning in the factory.
By best guess: Boot a generic system from sdcard, partition emmc, copy files to emmc and copy files to qspi (how?). Any better way?

Bonus question for cherry on the cake:
d) Is it somehow possible to create a "unbrickable" A/B-scheme (like seen on android devices) to reduce risk of in-the-field updates?

If there are any know examples out there I haven't found, please point me to them.

Thank you in advance! Bye, Marc.


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Re: Silver bullet recipe for migration from sdcard boot to emmc boot (TE0720)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2022, 04:00:45 PM »
I think this page would be a great place to talk about eMMC for booting:


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Re: Silver bullet recipe for migration from sdcard boot to emmc boot (TE0720)
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2023, 02:38:33 PM »
how to change this depends unfortunately on  AMD(Xilinx) petalinux version
The question is also what should be moved. only file system or kernel and device tree also?
.. I would recommend to check AMD forum and/or write a post there (write also which petalinux version you use.)
We have some older example (19.2) with file system on SD:
When you formate your emmc correctly than you must simple change uboot platform-top header to the other mmc. But with newer petalinux version this procedure has changed. see boot.scr and links to AMD(Xilinx) documentation which you  has linked