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Can the SC0720 "component" be copied to another design

Started by bigguiness, January 11, 2023, 06:42:36 PM

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I found the SC0720 IP in the te0720-eth706 design I downloaded.

Can that IP be copied/moved somehow so that I can add the IP into another TE0720 design?


Yes, just copy the IP from one project directory to another and update the ip repository in Vivado.
copy ip_lib folder -> SC0720.
You can also click on settings in vivado -> IP -> repository and add the path to the new IP.



That appears to have worked. Thanks!

BTW, to make the on-board Ethernet LEDs work on my custom carrier board, do I just connect the PHY_LED* signals out of the SC0720 to the appropriate FPGA pins going to my carrier board?

My carrier board is based on the TE0706 so I have the Ethernet LEDs wired to the ETH_LED1 (JB2.90) and ETH_LED2 (JB2.99) pins as done on that board. Those two pins on the TE0720 are B13_IO25 (JM2.89) and B13_IO0 (JM2.100).



you can forward these signals over the FPGA to you custom carrier if you have free IOs available.. But PHY LED Pins from Marvell  ETH PHY are configurable, so how it works depends on the drivers and you check Marvell PHY datasheet how it should be configured and  connected correctly. On the most carrier we use this LEDs simple as user LED, so it's not designed for ETH usage.