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TE0715 ethernet link problem

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--- Quote ---We do not have a test board from Trenz, the modules are used in conjunction with our own boards which do not have an sd card
--- End quote ---
Ok. But you can program boot.bin into qspi and stop on uboot console. check if uboot get eth link with our design(dhcp or static ip....). Note: 21.2 uboot need boot.scr file from sd normally, in case it's not available it will try several boot options to find correct files...(default things from Xilinx new flow....).  Cancel this process and try to check eth with uboot commands, if you want.

In general it's hard to help you without more information and informations that contradict each other...

First your wrote:

--- Quote ---There was a problem with the ethernet link - it does not up, and all modules with a commercial temperature range have this problem.
--- End quote ---
--> All commercial has problems...

--- Quote ---For example, modules with serial numbers 619453, 619454 work correctly, ethernet works, but modules 619449-619451 do not establish a connection.
--- End quote ---
--> here 2 commercial works...

What's with the boot protocol from your design. One working and one failing protocol.

I've checked test reports from 619449-619451 and ETH was working before we shipped the modules.



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