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how to share a vitis project with 2 PCs



I have used the share function for version control which was fine.
Now a college has to work with me on the same project but the platform and appl. system project uses (local) absolute paths (e.g. path to sysroot).

Could anybody plaese give me a hint for a good practise or a tutorial to share vitis projects between 2 colleges or PCs?

that's more a question for Xilinx forum.
Only post I found is(but not exactly what you search for):

Maybe use virtual drive, so that both PCs has same paths...
Or add only source code folder to SVN or GIT --> synchronise code there and every PC has his own project....

We itself generate template for final application, which can be load as local repository into vitis (see auch reference designs and  --> but this is only good for final code, not for sharing development state...



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