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Opening/Creating Basic Example Project

Started by blipton, June 22, 2022, 04:04:55 AM

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Not sure what I'm doing wrong... or what benefit there is to the the bash scripts are over a standard quartus archive file...

but when I execute _create_win_setup.cmd, and select '0'  (Module/Project Creation), and the board, it generates plenty activity but ultimately has an error (see Bash.png).

It does however seem to create a project, but when I open it in Quartus, it won't synthesize, nor are the pin assignments set.

How can I open the test_board example such that it synthesizes a file that can be programmed?


Forgot the screenshot of the error message during create_win_setup.cmd

Thomas D

it seems that you are using the Quartus 18.1 standard edition. We have created and tested the reference design with the lite edition. So i can only tell you what to do with the lite edition, but it can also work with the standard edition.

1. The easiest and recommended way is to install the update to quartus version 18.1.1:
Standard edition:

Lite edition:

2. (not recommended) You can also add following line to the path/to/intelFPGA_lite/18.1/ip/altera/altera_gpio_lite/altera_gpio_lite_wizard.lst file (example: see attached screenshot): <ALIAS>GPIO Lite Intel FPGA IP v18.1</ALIAS>