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TE0712 and TE0706 ethernet


I'm using a TE0712 over TE0706 carrier board. I've created a version of FW testboard REV01 with Vivado 2016.4 without MCS and SC0712 (please see image attached). I ran peripheral_test (over standalone bsp) with SDK. All peripherals are OK, but the axi_ethernet_lite (I'm using the physical on the TE0712) is always FAILED. Why????

P.S.: when I generate the bitstream, I've 12 critical warnings reguarding the ethernet_lite core (see image attached)...

Thank you for the support.

Hello Peppe,

have you tried that with using the original Block Design from us? without removing anything.
Also why dont you try to use a later Vivado version with the related test_board 2021.2, some problems from earlier versions might be fixed here.



Hi Waldi,

I've some problems to install the version 2021.2 on my workstation because I haven't administrator permissions. I'll try to install vivado 2021.2 on my personal computer and I'll tell you the result. Meanwhile can I try another solution on my workstation?



Hello Peppe,
the MicroBlaze MCS IP, that you left out, runs the program which you can find in ...\test_board\sw_lib\sw_apps\scu_te0712\src. It configures the onBoard Clocking Chip Si5338. And this chip creates a Clock for the Ethernet PHY. So i think you need to have the MicroBlaze MCS in your Design associated with the scu_te0712.elf.
Also this stands here:
The Ethernet PHY needs a 50MHz Clock.

best regards!



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