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How does the ethernet phy on the TE0820 control the phy LEDs on the TE0701?

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--- Quote ---Should I conclude that U21 does nothing with this signal - in the current firmware version?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---This is a new board layout?
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yes. it's need because some of the used power regulators are not longer available.
In this context, we have made two small changes to the CPLD connection. PHY LED signal goes still to CPLD (to be backward compatible in case customer has used it) and also directly to FPGA(to make usage easier). And EN1 Pin will be removed from CPLD (only as zero ohm assembly option possible, in case some customer has own CPLD firmware and use this signal) and replaced with ZynqPS Reset. So CPLD can also reset Zynq if needed (this is not possible with older versions  and en1 signal has no functionality on older CPLD firmware, because en1 was completely solved via HW). --> In this case we can add the option to change boot mode via software and automatically reset the system with new boot mode. See also:


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