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boot hangs in QEMU with known good boot image for TE0820/TE0701

Started by dm1000, May 20, 2022, 06:49:59 PM

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I built a QEMU image using the guidance found in UG1169 (using SD for Boot).  I have a known-good working boot image that has been booting successfully from the SD card
on a TE0820/TE0701 dev board.  The Linux image was built with Petalinux. 

I see the following message when invoking QEMU.


TE0820 TE_XFsbl_HookPsuInit_Custom

Configure PLL: SI530-A

Si5338 Init Registers Write.

Si5338 Init Complete

PLL Status Register 218:0x0                     

USB Reset Complete

ETH Reset Complete


Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader (TE modified)

Release 2021.2  Oct 13 2021 - 07:15:53



TE0820 TE_XFsbl_BoardInit_Custom


PMU-FW is not running, certain applications may not be supported.

And the boot hangs in QEMU.

Is the conclusion that the FSBL has hung? Or something else - like PMU-FW?
Does Trenz have a web link or some guidance for using QEMU?



for QEMU, you must check Xilinx documentation. We have only reference design with standard petalinux flow:

Xilinx has changed boot flow with 21.x, and it looks like QEMU was last time testet with 20.1 (also latest version is from Nov. 2020, so I would expect that this is the same like 20.1 version....). See:

Maybe the QEMU  documentation is not compatible with newer Vivado versions...