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Programming the Flash memory on TE0710 from microblaze

Started by toka, May 19, 2022, 01:04:37 PM

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I tried to write to the flash memory on the module via QSPI but there are problems getting the correct data written on the memory.
There are wrong bytes on the beginning of the written data.
I already tried to wait for the erasing process to be completed before writing to it, no success. The memory is page aligned and I tried my best to check whether the problem lies in this, but even shifting the address I got from calculating the start address of a page did not solve my problem. Has anybody got experience in writing to this device?


which Vivado version did you use?
with 21.x there is something wrong with Xilinx drivers and example. We have switched to an open source solution:

On older Vivado versions, it can happens that it works out of the box (I think 17.2 was a good version), or you must change maybe some parts on drivers...I don't remember on details sorry.

And check also you constrains and setting...QSPI can be used as x1 or x4. For x4, you must also setup your design correctly, see:



I am using Vivado 2020.2
But I think, my qestion didnt become as clear as I wanted it to be. I forgot to mention or it got lost that I try to do this out of the microblaze application. I checked the data sheet of the flash memory for the write operation procedure, but something seems to go wrong.