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TEBF0808 regulators EOL



We have a base board design very similar to the TEBF0808 to use with the TE0807-03-7DE21-A module.
We are in the process of making some changes to the PCB and we noticed that all the Intel regulators (EN5335QI, EN6347QI, EN5311QI) are End Of Life and no longer stocked in most of the common distributors.

Do you have any suggested alternative to those regulators for future designs?

Thank you,

Antti Lukats:

there are no golden replacement options, everyone has to choose what they can purchase, the situation with component availability is really bad in these days. With our redesigns we use as MPS as favorite supplier, but they do not have all needed replacement parts, so we may also use parts from other vendors.

TEBF0808 new version schematic will be available too, in some time, so you can see what replacements we use.

as one for all replacement we use MPS3834 where ever it fits in.


Hi Antti

Thank you very much for the suggestion, we'll start from there.

Kind regards,


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