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Lemon IDE and debug port on eddy S4M-DK v2.1

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I'm operating under windows the Lemon IDE. I've followed the instructions closely. using the example hello code.
The one problem that i'm facing is not able to get the target browser to work under the serial interface, if i telnet in and use tae it works.
The serial port is set up correctly as the serial port shows information on boot up and when i logon via telnet.
I've tried pressing a key on boot up and get no response to stop the boot up.
I've confirmed that the serial port on the computer is working correctly (TX and RX)
Any help greatly welcome

Antti Lukats:
Can you tell us what exactly is not working?

Can you download the hello example to eddy?

I've been following the lemonIDE user guide v1.0d and on section 5.5.2 the hello program should print out on the terminal (RS232 debug port) sadly it does not do this.
I can download the program to the eddy but only through a telnet connection, so using the LemonIDE serial method no I can't download it.

Hello Paulms, please excuse the late reply. If I have understood your questions correctly, you have no output to the terminal via the debug port.
Which windows operating system are you using?
Have you no output from the terminal which is integrated into LemonIDE?
In this case, when you want to use the serial terminal in LemonIDE, first you have to copy 2 dll files "rxtxParallel.dll" and "rxtxSerial.dll" into the windows system folder. Second you must copy the file "RXTXcomm.jar" into the java folder. 
Does it work with the Hyperterminal?
Do you want to load programs via serial port into Eddy?

that is correct I get nothing out on the debug port after boot up. I'm using Windows 7 professional, service pack 1. The lemonIDE terminal seems to be working correctly i've connected the rs232 port to another computer at can TX and RX over the rs232 port, so i guess this sort of proves the comms side of the computer is working.
basicly I want to be able output data to the debug port so i can debug my code.


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