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Arrow USB Programmer (JTAG server)

Started by BR, January 13, 2022, 03:43:19 PM

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I got a strange problem with the Arrow USB Programmer (JTAG server). Everything worked fine last time I used it, but since I had windows 10 updates it can no longer find the Arrow JTAG server in the the Windows Services.

I uninstalled and (re)installed the drivers and ran the "Arrow USB Programmer2 diagnostic" program and reported 1 error:
"Checking Altera JTAG server service.
- Error. The service is not installed. "

No JTAG service PID is found in the Windows Services list. How do i install the JTAG service manually?

Any ideas?


Arrow USB Programmer2 Diagnostic Program V1.2

Reading version info.
- Operating system version number is 10.0.19041.
- Quartus version is

Searching programmer hardware.
- Arrow USB Programmer2 AR1RUUJJ found.
- Successful.

Reading registry entries for programmer DLL.
- Successful. TCK frequency is 20.000.000 Hz.

Searching programmer DLL.
- Successful. Programmer DLL installed properly.

Checking Altera JTAG server service.
- Error. The service is not installed.

Reading registry entries for FTDI driver configuration settings.
- Successful. FTDI driver configuration settings are OK.

Total errors: 1
Hit any key to exit program.


I found a solution to manually install the JTAG server again by using "quartus\bin64>jtagserver.exe -install" command. Somehow it uninstalled the JTAG server??? I have no idea why.

Now it works again!